Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guest count capacity?

The Arena at 125 Sherman Lane: Available Late May through Early October: Capacity of 300 guests. The Barn at 125 Sherman Lane: Available year round: Capacity of 100 guests.

Does the venue have heating and/or air conditioning?

The Arena at 125 Sherman Lane: The arena does not have heating or cooling. It does have large overhead fans and several doors and windows. It is rarely uncomfortably hot in the arena. High-hat heaters are available for cooler days, but keep in mind that it is not heated. The Barn at 125 Sherman Lane: The barn does have heat, but no air conditioning system. It does have large overhead fans and several doors and windows.

Is there a catering kitchen?

We do not have a kitchen at this time. Catering services must provide full off-site catering services. Please check with your caterer to ensure that they provide this service.

Can we use candles as part of our decor?

No open flame, with the exception of attended sterno food heaters, are permitted in or near any of the buildings. We suggest battery-operated candles instead.

Do you provide food and drink service?

Stone Bridge Farm is a venue only. All catering and bar service must be provided by a NYS licensed caterer/bar tender. We have a list of vedors with whom we have worked and can vouch for.

Should we hire a wedding planner/coordinator?

For the 2022 season, a day-of wedding planner/coordinator will be required. We HIGHLY recommend a planner/coordinator to ensure your day runs smoothly from start to finish. There are many moving parts, so to speak, in a wedding: coordinating your vendors, setting up your tables and personal decor, lining up your wedding party and ensuring your don't forget tot cut that cake! Stone Bridge Farm does not provide that service at this time, however we have worked with some fantastic professionals who we can suggest.

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